Coco J.K. Ma

Coco Ma is a senior associate at Yuanda based in Shanghai. Her practice focuses on regulatory compliance, data protection and entertainment law related matters, including brand protection counseling and dispute resolution. Coco is experienced in developing brand protection strategies for foreign companies in China. She has also been involved in a number of litigations assisting in dealing with infringement of artwork. Before joining Yuanda, Coco worked at the Shanghai Office of a leading U.S. intellectual property law firm, where her work included being seconded as a trademark manager to a well-known German grocery company.


  • Represented a Chinese sports equipment company before the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court in a non-infringement claim over a design patent.
  • Advised an EU-based retail company on trade-dress infringement.
  • Provided legal counsel to illustrators from the United States, the UK and New Zealand regarding copyright enforcement in China.
  • Assisted in numerous copyright enforcement actions for a market-leading U.S.-based global social media brand.
  • Assisted in trademark prosecution for a well-known U.S. film company, helping the client recover a trademark misappropriated by a Chinese squatter.
  • Assisted a well-known CEO of a U.S.-based global technology company in protecting his reputation and that of his company under the Chinese right of publicity, including the removal of defamatory online material.
  • Assisted one of the world’s largest U.S.-based technology companies in combatting leaks of trade secrets.
  • Assisted a U.S. cosmetics company in complying with Chinese advertising law.