For virtually every business, from startups to multinationals, data privacy and security obligations grow by the day. So does the level of potential liability should a breach occurs. Yuanda offers sophisticated legal and technical services related to data privacy and security in China, helping clients establish adequate data management strategies that can be implemented easily at any point in the information chain.

We advise on the collection, protection, transfer, and disposal of data assets, including transportation and physical destruction of devices, asset recovery, recycling, and data sanitization. We assist clients to create and implement strong data policies and compliance frameworks that helps prevent potential data leakage as well as financial penalties, lost business opportunities, reputational damage, and other consequences that can result from lost or stolen information.

Licensed to practice law in China, our lawyers are uniquely qualified to carry out data gathering, organization, transfer, and review activities, and have the comprehensive skillset needed to deal with any issue involved in the collection, inspection, analysis, organization, transfer, and preparation of electronically stored information (ESI). Our duty of confidentiality and adherence to legal ethics rules shield our clients’ data from unwarranted review. The team’s extensive experience allows us to tailor privacy & data security strategy to specific client needs in an increasingly complex regulatory environment in China and around the globe.