China’s New Export Control Law: Implications for U.S.-China Trade Relations

China’s New Export Control Law: Implications for U.S.-China Trade Relations

Above the Fold: A Series on International Trade

The International Trade Group at Winston & Strawn is proud to present its year-end series on international trade trends and developments leading into 2021. The series will focus on recent key regulatory changes, significant enforcement actions, supply chain and investment constraints, and other aspects of trade all multinational companies should be monitoring as we move towards an election and new year. The series will include presentations on recent executive actions to regulate international supply chains, tightening of U.S. export controls on China and strategies global companies are using to adjust, as well as the use of U.S. sanctions against individuals and entities China and Hong Kong.

China’s New Export Control Law: Implications for the Increasingly Challenging U.S.-China Trade Relations

October 17, 2020, China passed the Export Control Law of the People’s Republic of China (ECL) establishing the country’s first comprehensive framework for export restrictions. Focused on restricting the export of items that would pose national security concerns, the ECL mirrors similar regulations imposed by the United States and is set to go into effect after the November elections on December 1, 2020.

Join Chris Monahan, Jacob Harding, and Adeoye Johnson as they breakdown the notable export control restrictions presented by the ECL in comparison with that of the United States.

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