Consumer Products

Over the past decade, China’s rapid transformation from “the world’s factory” to a “smart manufacturing powerhouse” has led to substantive changes to its laws and regulations governing the quality and safety of consumer products, putting China among the countries with the most stringent legal obligations and rigorous regulatory framework for the industry. Having acted in some of the most significant cases in the consumer product sector in China, Yuanda directly contributed to the evolution of the regulatory system and the advancement of laws, rules, and standards.

Yuanda works with many of the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers in the industry, advising on a range of matters including product liability and safety, compliance with operational requirements and standards, intellectual property and brand protection, advertising and labeling, privacy and data protection, antitrust, and international trade disputes. We understand the practical needs of retailers, manufacturers, and distributors in such a rapidly evolving legal environment.

We represent some of the most active M&A players in the industry, including industrial or financial buyers, sellers, bidders, targets companies, and other dealmakers throughout any type of cross-border and domestic transaction. Our corporate team offers a multi-dimensional perspective based on solid industry knowledge. We tailor our services to innovative deal structures and client needs at different levels, providing integrated solutions that enables companies to navigate the challenges in the global market effectively.