Adam J.Y. Long

Adam Long is a Shanghai-based associate and a member of Corporate Practice Group of Yuanda.  Adam focuses his practice on general corporate matters, dispute resolution, construction engineering and real estate. Adam has represented various multinational companies and Chinese enterprises in complex legal issues, including intellectual property rights protection, disposition of non-performing assets, real estate development, corporate investment and financing.  Adam has been recognized by numerous clients for his outstanding legal services.

Adam is a licensed lawyer in China, and has received PRC Patent Agent Qualification, Securities Practice Qualification and Fund Practice Qualification.


Corporate Legal Service

  • Advised a Chinese company in the design of its trade secret protection system and procedures, and provided ongoing trade- secret protection training for its employees.
  • Represented a Japanese construction company in recovering the construction costs of an amusement park from the park’s Chinese owner. Participated in interviewing the project leader, reviewing evidence and providing the legal basis for the client’s claims.
  • Represented a German automobile company in issuing a letter of intent for compensation to a project consulting company due to a significant increase in construction costs resulting from a design mistake of the project consulting company.
  • Participated in reviewing contracts, drawings and correspondence; researching industry-specific laws and regulations; and drafted letters of intent for claims.
  • Represented a real estate company in conducting due diligence on a partner company and a project company, drafted and revised contracts in the real estate development process, participated in negotiations between client and construction companies and suppliers, and provided client with legal advice.
  • Represented a Shanghai state-owned enterprise in its proposed investment promotion operation after long-term leasing of real estate projects from the property owner. Conducted due diligence on the real estate agent, participated in negotiations, and drafted due diligence checklists, legal opinions, cooperation agreements, lease agreements and other legal documents.
  • Represented a Chinese leading pharmaceutical company in an acquisition, conducted due diligence, and drafted due diligence checklist, due diligence report and other legal documents.
  • Represented an offshore new energy company in its acquisition of a Chinese new energy company. Conducted due diligence, drafted due diligence report and legal documents.
  • Represented an offshore well-known gaming equipment company in its acquisition project. Conducted due diligence, drafted due diligence report and legal documents.
  • Provided long-term legal services to many construction engineering, financial investment and listed companies.

Dispute Resolution

  • Represented a securities company in a dispute over the VAM clause in the investment agreement with the NEEQ listed company it invested in and its actual controller.
  • Represented bill holders of Evergrande Group in a series of bill recovery lawsuits, which attracted widespread attention to the Evergrande Group’s asset integration in China.
  • Represented a well-known Chinese medical company in its dispute over the purchase contract of a large amount of masks with the other party during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Represented a Japanese cosmetics company in litigation defending against the infringement in China of the company’s patent on its facial mask products.
  • Represented a Chinese software company in a dispute over a technology development contract in a dispute with a publicly listed company over accounting software technology development.
  • Represented a Singaporean company in arbitration of chip equipment technology transfer agreement with a state-owned company, successfully recovering all the technology royalties for the client.
  • Represented a Chinese medical company to be listed in China in a civil dispute involving equity fraud, providing the client with a reference for subsequent dispute resolution.
  • Represented a SOE in a ten-year-long dispute regarding the construction contract of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway “three powers relocation and reform” project, including resolving problems due to lost evidence and handing appeal of the case.
  • Represented a foreign enterprise in Wuxi in arbitration of construction contract disputes. To prevent the counter party from undermining the client’s ability to conduct business, the client’s full set of evidence materials were sorted within one week, and the arbitration counterclaim was successfully filed to facilitate the counter party’s settlement.
  • Represented a Hong Kong enterprise in a dispute over a construction project contract in which the opposing party’s initial claims exceeded RMB18 million were greatly reduced.
  • Represented a Chinese manufactory in a factory purchase contract dispute recovering part of the loss incurred after the defendant failed to perform the purchase contract following a price increase.
  • Represented a Chinese manufactory in a house lease contract dispute, recovering from the landlord costs of needed repairs made by the client during the lease term.
  • Represented a medical device company in a purchase and sales contract dispute, including termination of the contract and recovery of overpayment.