Yuanda provides exceptional legal services to a diverse group of clients in the manufacturing industry, ranging from consumer goods, heavy machinery, electronic products, chips and equipment, construction and chemicals, automobile and parts to new energy. Most of them are well-known multinational companies manufacturing market-leading products with an extensive application, and hence faced with a rapidly evolving myriad of legal challenges across the border.

Yuanda provides clients with attorneys from diverse backgrounds and one-stop legal solutions, that integrate: transactional lawyers experienced in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, investments, and financing transactions; product liability attorneys advising on product conformity to laws and standards and helping design product quality control clauses for suppliers; antitrust attorneys providing guidance on domestic and international anti-monopoly and competition laws; intellectual property attorneys helping clients identify, protect and maximize the value of their creative assets through patent, trademark, and copyright protection; compliance and dispute resolution teams that represent clients in sensitive internal reports, government investigations, product liability claims and other contentious situations; and an international trade team guiding clients through the increasingly complex global trade landscape.

Our representative experiences in the manufacturing industry over the years include representing the world’s largest heavy machinery manufacturer in its domestic acquisitions and restructuring that involved complex intellectual property arrangements; advising numerous market-leading semiconductor manufacturers in relation to their trade secrets protection frameworks; acting in acquisitions and divestures in China on behalf of Fortune 500 and other multinational manufacturers across industries, including automobile and auto parts, food and drugs, FMCG electronics, new energy, and gaming equipment. We are also widely recognized for our track record of successes helping clients discreetly handle and resolve compliance matters and crises in connection with corporate management, shareholder rights and interests, product quality, and business model.