Technology, New Media & Telecommunications

With extensive knowledge and experience in the Technology, New Media & Telecommunications (“TMT”), Yuanda provides comprehensive legal services to companies in the TMT industry, from corporate transactions, regulatory compliance, antitrust and anti-competition, data protection and information management, intellectual property, labor and employment, to dispute resolution.

We help clients structure, negotiate, and execute major corporate transactions and agreements; identify, protect, and monetize valuable intellectual property assets; understand and interpret government policies; and respond to regulatory inquiries and investigations.

Business process and IT outsourcing has become a popular tool to improve quality and reduce costs in cross-border operations. We work with Winston lawyers across four continents to negotiate cost-effective, enforceable agreements for multinational companies and their suppliers.

From data privacy and security, virtual reality, social media, cloud computing, sharing economy, new retail, to internet-based healthcare, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and technological convergence, our attorneys stay abreast of TMT trends and provide clients with practice advice on their implications.

The depth of our industry knowledge enables Yuanda attorneys to successfully navigate, alongside our innovative clients, this challenging and exciting path to growth.