Jieyun Cai

Jieyun is a partner in Yuanda’s Intellectual Property Practice Group. He has represented various multinational companies and domestic enterprises in handling complex IP litigation and disputes, including IP strategic plan, compliance system establishment, as well as infringement and invalidation of patents, trademarks, trade secret, and network-related and other copyrights, as well as unfair competition. He has also led teams in optimizing client’s IP portfolios and strategic operations.


Dispute Resolution

  • Represented a global electronics manufacturer in successful patent litigation defense against a experienced Non-Practicing Entity, including completely invalidating the relevant patents.
  • Represented a German auto parts manufacturer in a series of successful patent infringement lawsuits in China, protecting company’s market share in the Chinese auto parts industry.
  • Represented a UK-based automotive manufacturer in multiple successful patent infringement litigations in China.
  • Represented a major coal company in lawsuits against a competitor before the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, the Shanghai High Court, and the PRC Supreme Court, winning sizable judgements.
  • Represented a leading Finnish paper-making company in several successful patent litigation cases throughout China.
  • Represented a major Chinese internet and mobile security products company, in sizable lawsuits filed by a copyright holder, and forced the withdraw of the suits.
  • Represented a Japanese apparel company in successful trademark infringement litigation in China. Represented a Chinese fitness brand in trademark litigation against a U.S. competitor.
  • Represented an Israeli semiconductor manufacturing equipment provider in multiple patent litigations in China.
  • Represented a network game company in the protection of its animated images, forcing competitors to leave the market.
  • Represented a U.S. wireless technology company in a dispute over royalties for standard essential patents in China, and in various patent invalidation cases, successfully maintaining most of the key patents.
  • Represented a global semiconductor company in defending against patent infringement litigation in China.
  • Represented a Chinese consumer electronics company in patent infringement litigation in the U.S.
  • Represented a leading Chinese special optical cable manufacturer to initiate a criminal report of trade secret infringement, participated in the litigation as a litigator and obtained a favorable result.

Non-Dispute Resolution

  • Represented a Chinese electronic gaming company in its negotiating with Adobe, successfully obtaining an exclusive license of Flash player.
  • Provided patent and trade-secret due diligence for a multinational group during its acquisition of a Chinese steel company.
  • Represented a leading Chinese optical fiber company in its negotiations with a European industry leader, provided advice regarding patent infringement and antitrust issues, and helped the client enter the EU market.
  • Advised a medical instrument company during its listing verification stage, dealing with challenges such as IP infringement litigation, invalidation requests and negative publicity.
  • Advised a Chinese home appliances company on establishing a competitive patent portfolio.
  • Assisted a Chinese top game company in establishment its intellectual property compliance system.
  • Represented a Sino-U.S. joint venture in its intellectual property rights for establishment a high-tech enterprise.
  • Represented a leading French automotive company in its IP due diligence in the acquisition of a Chinese new energy technology company.